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Emily Litteton

Project Assistant

As an East Lansing native, Emily has cultivated her own path for giving back to the community that she was raised in. Emily graduated from Michigan State University with a major in Human Development and Family Studies, and a minor in Youth in Society, which allowed her to turn her passion for humanitarian work and studies into an impactful and meaningful career. As an intern at the MSU WorkLife Office, Emily recognized the fundamental need of extending resources to those in need, whether it be social services, childcare, or navigating life or career changes. With these experiences, Emily found reward not only in facilitating a sense of community, but making sure it was a progressive and effective one. As the eldest in her family, she has always felt a calling towards working with children and their wellbeing. Emily is very passionate about the intersection of mental health and childcare, and believes that continuous work in that field will only result in healthier generations to come. 


Some of Emily’s favorite ways to spend her days outside of work include spending time with her family and her yellow lab, Izzy. She enjoys practicing yoga in her freetime. Emily’s dedication to her cause and altruistic charisma make her the ideal candidate for any project.

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