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Danielle Dalimonte

Special Advisor

Dr. Danielle Dalimonte is a Special Advisor at R2P. She comes to the firm with a background in academic and organizational research and data analysis working with multidisciplinary and cross-national teams. Danielle holds a PhD in Human Development from Michigan State University, where she specialized in child development. 


Danielle is a skilled statistician. A developmentalist by training, she has experience with study design, primary and secondary data analysis, program evaluation, data management, and the design and evaluation of coding systems. Examples of her published work can be found in Child Development, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, the Journal of Community Psychology, and the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.


In addition to her research background, Danielle enjoys working in diverse multi-sector teams. She has experience navigating interdisciplinary research teams while balancing the needs and goals of disparate stakeholders. She is particularly grateful for her time collaborating with and learning from her colleagues on the island of Ireland.


Dr. Dalimonte is a firm believer in the transformative power of the mother-child dyad. She is a proud member of MIAIMH, WAIMH, and SENG, where she supports efforts promoting infant mental health and honoring children’s individual experiences. Danielle finds solace in the company of her feline colleagues, Fritz and Jango, who often grace her workspace. Beyond her professional commitments, Danielle is usually to be found immersed in a police procedural or captivated by a Mark Lewis Jones performance, and always either appreciating or awaiting the enchanting embrace of Michigan’s autumn.

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