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Emily Houk


Emily Houk is a facilitator, convener, and implementation expert who works with government agencies, community partners, associations, and service providers to develop winning strategies, program improvements and quality results. Emily works collaboratively with clients to assemble partnerships, task forces, coalitions, and consensus-building efforts and see them through to completion using a combination of project management and coaching skills. She is an experienced facilitator, researcher, and writer. Her areas of focus include health, human services, finance, and education.


Emily’s successes include solutions designed to improve outcomes in early childhood home visiting, childhood lead poisoning prevention, quality childcare, children’s healthcare, workforce development and access to financial services for underserved and at-risk populations. She has procured millions of dollars in winning grants and proposals for clients, achieved notable processes improvement savings, and scaled both government and business operations to ensure profitability and sustainability.

Emily is well known and highly respected at the State, Regional and Local Level for her work to improve the lives of Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens. Emily has held leadership positions at Public Sector Consultants, Courtland Consulting, the Michigan Credit Union League and has worked as a staffer in both the Michigan State Senate and House of Representatives.

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