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Jackie Duckett

Research Assistant

Jacquelyn Duckett is a Research Assistant at Research to Practice. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Law in 2021. Jackie is currently a PhD Candidate in Developmental Science at Wayne State University, where she is a member of the Institute on Gerontology. Prior to Jacquelyn’s time at R2P, she worked as a graduate assistant in the SHARE Group, focused on adults later in life, and she contributed to the Anti-Black Beliefs Lab analyzing political ideology and opinions.


Balancing her academic work with her career has made Jackie an effective time manager, and she takes pride in her ability to create connections and communicate clearly with a broad array of audiences. Beyond her work in academia, Jackie has experience in web design and social media marketing, and she continues growing in technical skills each day. 


Jackie’s dedication to lifelong learning goes beyond both the classroom and the boardroom: she is currently studying French as a second language, and she faithfully completes the New York Times’ Daily Crossword. She feels successful when she is able to complete a to-do list, but when she is not focused on professional pursuits, Jackie can be found playing Club Lacrosse, spending time with her family, and enjoying Michigan’s snow days.

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